Teen posnosil car in the yard

According to a witness: I'm sitting at home on Sunday evening, watching Telecom. I hear the sound of impact. looks out the window and see how Cadillac vehal into a tree. Then he handed back a little and starts to ram my swallow parked under the window I ran out into the street, I see how this fucking Cadillac is trying to park in the bushes.

Run up to him. From the seat of passenger runs a minor freak and winded at full steam. From the driver's seat falls out of snipe drunken body. Not trying to run away, as barely on its feet. Lad of 16 years. Immediately begins to bend your fingers and say that now comes my mom with the judge and sort everything out. It turns out my car was last on the way a drunk bastard infant. The first victim of Honda Accord. Then another Honda. Then the Hyundai Accent. Few got Skoda Octavia. My Niwa last.

Caused by the patrol PPP saved a guy from mordobitiya.

Further events developed as follows: mother rushed judge, father and friend of the family. My father and friend were all cuss out and look for offenders son. We should give zone must police, they quickly calmed down a wealthy man. Mother judge immediately began to instruct his son to further the scenery. After all schemes were an accident, went to the old post road police in the area vitaminkombinata and spent half the night.
Outcome: "The decision on refusal to initiate an administrative case."

That such cases. Mother utogo freak said this: bake help for harm to prichenennom. If the amount of suit us we will pay. If not, then all the courts.

UPD. 08/04/2010

Артем Косачев

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